Yes they do and here's why!

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Some might think in this modern digital age that open houses are a thing of the past especially in gated communities like Lake of the Woods, Virginia. It is known that almost every single buyer begins their home search online. So if they can see all the pictures and even a 3D tour why would they even need to come to an open house?


Great question!


Browsing the internet, collecting information, and starting the first step of your home search can all be done online but there comes a point where they need to explore and experience the home in real time. An open house gives a potential buyer an easy way to do just that without making an appointment with a Realtor. When searching for a home to purchase in Locust Grove for example, not everyone moves at the same pace. Some people make decisions quickly while others like to weigh the pros and cons and might be more cautious about jumping into the first home they fall in love with.


Don't just take my word for it. It's always important to see what statistics show:

open house statistics


It's hard to argue with these numbers. Open houses do in fact work. For the homes that have open houses they see on average a sales price increased from 1.7 to 2.1% and when there is a broker open they see sales prices increase up to 3.6%!


Have you ever wondered why this is?


Real estate agents who have a track record of success understand that home buyers are in different phases of their process and as a result put in the extra effort to do open houses. It's important to make sure your Realtor not only understand this but is willing to put in the effort your house deserves

We Believe open houses do work and are committed providing our clients with the best real estate guidance and service possible. If you'd like to have conversation about how Sean Jones can help you with the sale of your home please call 540-360-5166. We'd be honored to be part of your next Real Estate Journey! How may we exceed your expectations today?


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