10+ BEST Restaurants in Locust Grove, Unionville, and Rhoadesville 2020 | 2021 (Updated and Expanded) 

Whether you live in Locust Grove, or are visiting the area at some point you are going to need to eat, so why not eat well! That's exactly why we put this what's together of the best restaurants in Northern Orange County, VA. We scour Yelp, TripAdvisor, and add in our local experience give you an idea of what you can expect.

Most people do enjoy cooking at home but sometimes you just want a night out on the town. Even chefs need a night off from work, right?

There are a lot of good restaurants in Locust Grove, Unionville, and Rhoadesville to explore. Dining out with family and friends is a great way to wind down and relax while someone else does the cooking.

There are lots of dining options for you so let's take a look!


Here is a quick rundown of our list:


  1. Tokyo Restaurant
  2. Mama's Pizza
  3. El Vaquero West
  4. Witch's Brew
  5. 2 Brothers Italian Restaurant
  6. Clearwater Grill
  7. Lake of the Woods Clubhouse
  8. Bella Cucina
  9. Hong kong chinese restaurant
  10. Sam's Pizza and Subs
  11. Graze Steakhouse
  12. Fareways Cafe At The Woods
  13. Domino's Pizza
  14. Subway
  15. Burger KIng
  16. Guacamole
  17. McDonald's


Now onward to the list. Of course opinions vary on which one is the best and these are in no particular order!


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Tokyo Restaurant

located at 36099 Goodwin Dr (540) 972-2332

About the only sushi option in Locust Grove. Limited seating so if you have a large party you might want to call ahead. They do the simple things right!

Prices are on par with what you expect for cooked to order goodness.

Definitely worth a stop if you want something a little bit different.


Mama's Pizza

Located at 32311 Constitution Hwy (540) 854-0123

There always seems to be a steady stream of loyal customers. Plenty of times I've been there and there's been a line out the door. Food is always good prepared fresh. 

They have good seating and really good iced tea! Good place to go if you like buffalo chicken Subs.

This place works for either breakfast or dinner!


El Vaquero West

Located at 4266 Germanna Hwy Suite 102 (540) 972-2362

This Fresh Mexican restaurant is a staple in Locust Grove. Great location right out side of Lake of the Woods with plenty of parking. Tends to get a little busy at dinner and definitely on the weekends. 

The food always seems to be fresh and the proportions are larger than what you expect. Super friendly staff too!


Witch's Brew

Located at 32377 Constitution Highway (540) 208-4763

This newcomer in Locust Grove is rising quickly and becoming quite the hotspot! Fresh items and great coffee is what is bringing people back.

They serve a tasty mix of the fresh muffins, scones, and croissants. Definitely stop here and check them out!


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2 Brothers Italian Restaurant

Located at 5390 Lyndon Dr (540) 972-2886

Odly, one of the biggest complaints about this place is it hard to find! Once you do though, you'll find it was worth the effort. Make sure to try the garlic bread, Lots of butter and garlic just the way it should be.

If you like pizza and make sure you stop here. They don't skimp on toppings and offer carryout as well.


Clearwater Grill

Located at 4276 Germanna Hwy (540) 972-0606

It's hard to think about Locust Grove without Clearwater Grill. Quite famous for their Sunday brunch spread so make sure you come hungry. Really good food and reasonable prices as well.

If you like something different try the Farmhouse burger which comes with with a fried egg, yum!


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Lake of the Woods Clubhouse

Located at 102 Lakeview Pkwy (540) 972-2222

If you live in Lake of the Woods you owe it to yourself to stop here for a meal. What a great menu with tons of options. Dinners on the deck overlooking the lake are hard to beat.

Some of the favorites include the prime rib and the crab cakes. Such as pleasant staff too.


Bella Cucina

Located at 4444 Germanna Hwy (540) 972-0099

Are we here in Locust Grove so happy this is back open! Great sit down Italian atmosphere. You have a large party people this might be a good place to go as they have lots of room to dine.

If you ask a local they'll tell you they have some of the absolute best pizza in Orange County!


Hong kong chinese restaurant

Located at 32345 Constitution Hwy (540) 854-2366

If you need quick Chinese takeout then this is the place to stop but not really a place to sit and eat. They've been open for quite some time and it gained a reputation for big portions a normal you can get two meals out of 1 serving. 

 ... As one local said, "It's the most consistent consistent Chinese food in the area."


Sam's Pizza and Subs

Located at 36080 Goodwin Dr (540) 972-9100

There definitely seems to be mixed reviews from the people that I've been to Sam's Pizza. Some folks have had a less than stellar experience. 

One thing that keeps us coming back are the french fries. Not sure where they get them from or how they prepare them wow are they good!


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Graze Steakhouse

Located at 32345 Constitution Hwy (540) 854-4800

This newcomer to Locust Grove is hitting the ground running full-steam ahead! One look at the menu and you know these folks know what they're doing!

London broil, NY strip, and Carrington farms ribeye are definitely things try!


Fareways Cafe At The Woods

Located at 108 Fairway Dr (540) 972-2216

What a fun place to dine. They've been serving Lake of the Woods residence for over 10 years and they've gotten quite good at. What a great place to stop and have a meal after a round of golf.

With either breakfast or lunch you can't go wrong here!


Domino's Pizza

Located at 36103 Goodwin Dr (540) 972-3811

It's hard to judge a national franchise because in theory they should all be the same right? We order from Domino's quite often and they are always quick to deliver and of course have coupons to bring your price down.

While there are some other Gourmet pizza places right up the road (Bella for example) you definitely do get what you pay for. 



Located at 5390 Lyndon Dr (540) 972-7145

Subway is, well, consistent if nothing else. One of the great things is you already know the menu before you walk in. Kind of a small dining room so it does get backed up a little bit during weekend lunches. 

No worries, Pop over to Lake of the Woods and have a picnic at the lake!


Burger King

Located at 36061 Goodwin Dr (540) 972-7477

This is a prime example of another restaurant that you already know the menu before you walk in. Pretty consistent and lunchtime can get extremely busy.

If you have little ones they do have a playground inside so they can run around burn off some of that youthful energy



Located at 32345 Constitution Hwy (540) 360-8040

This place is always a great stop for tasty Mexican Cuisine. It's a bit of a Hidden Gem in Locust Grove because it's not right out in front of Lake of the Woods. Don't let that stop you from stopping in you'll be happy you did.

One local noted that even though Mexican isn't there favorite this place was great.



Located at 5480 Germanna Hwy (540) 972-0004

McDonald's has been doing burgers for decades. Location always seems to be clean and the double drive-thru get you back on the road quickly. 

If you're looking for a Fast breakfast in Locust Grove with hot coffee this is the place!


So now it's your turn. Explore Locust Grove and I hope you have the same experience that us locals have had! Also if there's another restaurant or Hidden Gem you'd like me to add give me a call or send me a text message and I'll get it added to the list! Sean Jones