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Jan. 13, 2022

Upcoming Dates to add to your January Calendar for Lake of the Woods, VA

There is always something happening in Lake of the Woods.  If you have never visited before or maybe just driven past the front gate on Route 3 on your way to Fredericksburg, this amenity rich HOA community is located in Locust Grove, VA.

Important upcoming dates in Lake of the Woods, VA by Realtor® Sean Jones

Here are some important dates to note:

January 1-18: Clubhouse Closed

January 17th: LOW Offices and Trash Compactor Closed (MLK Day)

January 18th: GM Proposed Budget for FY 2022-2023 Presentation


January 25th:  Red Cross Blood Drive

Jan. 11, 2022

Just Listed: 10493 Clifton Rd Rapidan, VA 22733

Welcome to this beautiful home for sale at 10493 Clifton Rd Rapidan, VA 22733!




This move in ready home is tucked among tall pine trees on one acre in Orange County.  This main level living home offers the primary bedroom on one side of the home and an additional two bedrooms on the other.  10493 Clifton Road has an open concept floor plan perfect for family gatherings.  With two bathrooms, newer kitchen appliances, and a gas fireplace, this home is ready for new owners.  There is a large back deck to enjoy your morning coffee on or to do some grilling in addition to the covered front porch.  


Are you interested in learning more about 10493 Clifton Rd or would like to take a tour of the property?  Please contact Sean Jones at 540-360-5166 to get any questions you might have answered or to schedule an appointment.

Jan. 11, 2022

Just Sold! 110 Appleview Ct Locust Grove, VA

With golf course views, a screened in porch and lots of living space, this home in Lake of the Woods had a lot to offer.  

homes for sale in Lake of the Woods, VA Sean Jones Realtor®


This spacious 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home in Lake of the Woods has sold!  One level living that overlooks the golf course, this home boosts an open floor plan with living room fireplace and a recently remodeled kitchen with granite countertops.  The large primary bedroom with multiple closets and access to the back deck makes a slow weekend morning possible.  A finished basement with plenty of space for children to play made this a great family home. 

Lake of the Woods is a gated community located off of Route 3 between Culpeper and Fredericksburg.  With numerous amenities such as a clubhouse, two outdoor pools, gym, multiple parks, and two lakes that offer boating, swimming, and fishing, it's not surprising that many people call this place home.  You can learn more about Lake of the Woods, VA here.  

Interested in seeing homes for sale in Lake of the Woods?  Take a peek here.  If you have further questions about the homes you see or are interested in learning more about Lake of the Woods, please contact me at 540-360-5166.  I'm happy to help get your questions answered. 


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Jan. 10, 2022

Did You Know that it's National Cut Your Energy Costs Day?

January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!  While it’s not a holiday I’m super familiar with, I am all for keeping a couple extra dollars in my bank account.

Ways to cut energy costs in your home by Realtor® Sean Jones

A day meant to bring awareness to the public about energy consumption and encourage ways for us all to save a little, National Cut Your Energy Costs Day is a great reminder to reflect on how we are using energy in our homes and how to create habits that can save us some money. Whether you have a home in Locust Grove, Unionville, Spotsylvania or Culpeper, here are home suggestions you can try.

  • Use a programmable thermostat.  By keeping the heat a few degrees lower when no one is in the house and in the evenings while everyone is sleeping, it can save you a bit on your heating bill.  Plus, since it is programmable, you can set it and forget it.


  • Upgrade to energy efficient appliances. When you need a new washing machine or stove, check out the energy efficient ratings before making your decision. If the appliance is one you use frequently, you should see a difference in your bill.


  • Seal up your home.  Lots of heat is lost around doors and windows in the winter.  Add weathering strips and caulk around areas where you can feel a draft.


  • Wash full loads of dishes and laundry.  Wait until the dishwasher is full before running it.  Have just a few dishes, go ahead and wash them by hand, but just don’t let the water run while you are scrubbing away last night’s dinner.


  • Turn off electronics when not using.  Computers, tvs, and small appliances all use electricity even when they are not running.  Make sure to unplug ones you aren’t using or add them to a surge protector power strip that you can easily turn off with the click of a button. There are even smart ones that will shut off the power to appliances that are not on.


  • Save water.  Replace an old shower head with a water saving version.  We all love a nice warm shower or bath in the winter, but consider turning down the temperature of the water a few degrees.


  • Keep your freezer full.  Food in freezers and refrigerators act like insulation helping to keep the inside cold.  Ones that are emptier have to work hard to stay at temperature. 


  • Turn off the lights.  Make sure your lights have LED bulbs.  Turn them off when you are not in the room.  Have nightlights?  They make LED versions of these as well.  Outside of your home, consider switching out your lighting fixtures for motion detection ones. 


Hopefully some of these ideas will get you thinking about how you too can save some money on your monthly heating, electric, and water bills. Even small changes can add up to savings over time.

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Jan. 7, 2022

Can I stay in my home during a showing?

Being a seller can be tough at times.  You have to navigate your daily routines and responsibilities with the added interruptions of potential buyers coming over to see your home.  Do you really have to leave or can you just shuffle the family into the garage for a bit?

homes for sale by real estate agent Sean Jones in Locust Grove, VA

There’s nothing like a last minute showing request to throw sellers for a loop.  Whether your home is for sale in Locust Grove, Richardsville, or Culpeper, it is important that you are not present during a showing.  Buyers need to feel free to look in every room and share their thoughts about the house; for a lot of people this can be challenging to do if the home owners are in the other room. 

Remember that you can talk with your real estate agent to set up some boundaries for showings.  If you have small children, maybe there should not be any showings after seven on week nights.  If you work the night shift, you can block off early morning showings.  You can also ask your agent to update you when the showing has ended and you can return home.

Do you have other questions about the home selling process.  Check out my home seller’s guide here.  Looking to learn more?  Call Sean Jones at 540-360-5166; I’m happy to help get your questions answered.

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Jan. 6, 2022

What makes a house a colonial?

Small towns that are sprinkled throughout central Virginia, like Culpeper, Locust Grove, or Orange, boast a variety of styles of homes.  One popular type seen frequently is the colonial.  Here’s a few ways to tell if the home for sale you are looking at is a colonial.

colonial homes for sale around culpeper, orange, lake of the woods, va

Colonial homes are usually two story homes and rectangular in shape.  The home has a row of windows on both floors with a door placed symmetrically in the middle.  Originally constructed of brick, today’s modern colonials use vinyl siding in a variety of neutral colors. 

Colonial homes can have front porches that span the length of the house and garages.  More traditional colonials had separate formal living rooms, kitchens, dens, and dining rooms while newer built homes offer more open living space.

The great thing about colonials being such a popular style of home is that there are plenty to visit when you are looking at homes for sale.  There are many new construction homes in this style as well as pre-existing ones.  You can also find them in HOA and non-HOA communities.


If you are interested in seeing what colonial homes for sale are on the market, then take a peek here.  Find one you would like to learn more about?  Contact me, Sean Jones, at 540-360-5166; I would be happy to get any of your questions answered.

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Jan. 3, 2022

Five Easy Ideas for Increasing Curb Appeal in the Winter

A fresh blanket of snow covering your lawn and sparkling in the sun is the ultimate winter curb appeal for any home.  However, more often than not in Locust Grove, VA, homes for sale don’t have this advantage. Finding ways to make your home look just as appealing in the winter as in the spring and summer can be accomplished with this simple ideas.

five simple ideas for increasing curb appeal in winter by real estate agent Sean Jones in Locust Grove, VA

1.  Make sure your yard and planters are clean.  Did that red oak tree finally drop its leaves?  Make sure to do a final rake of your yard to clean up any leaves, sticks, or other debris that has made its way to the ground since fall.  Clear out any planters that still have dead plants in them.


2.  Add some light.  It gets dark a lot earlier in the winter.  Make sure all your outdoor lighting is functioning.  If you have a sidewalk to your front door, pathway lights are a great way to create some warmth against the stark winter backdrop.


3.  Incorporate color with plants.  Since your landscaping may be missing the pops of color in from flowering plants, consider adding some small evergreens in pots around your porch to draw attention to your front door.


4.  Make your front door inviting.  Give your front door a good scrub down.  Add a wreath to bring interest.  If your house is for sale, make sure to add a large welcome mat that will add some interest to the entrance and help keep dirt and mud out of your home.


5.  Create a cozy space on your porch.  Let buyers see the possible living space you have on your porch even if you aren’t using it in chilly temperatures.  Add a couple outdoor chairs and table with outdoor cushions or a rug to add some color.


When it does snow, make sure to stay on top of clearing off your driveways and sidewalks.  It looks more appealing than when the snow is melting, and it’s safer for buyers coming to see your home.  

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Dec. 31, 2021

Easy Home Habits to Develop to Keep Your Home in Shape

It’s almost time to welcome a new year, (what happened to 2021?) and with that comes a declaration of New Year’s Resolutions.  While most resolutions don’t make it past the end of January, deciding to focus on your living space and simple things you can do to make it more enjoyable could definitely be a resolution worth keeping.

 easy home habits to Develop to Keep your home in shape by Realtor® Sean Jones

After a busy day, whether your home is in Culpeper, Lake of the Woods, or Orange, you want to come home to a space that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable not one that reminds you of how much stuff you have left to do.  By implementing a few small changes in your routine, you can create habits that will benefit you and your home.

1.  Start Small  Deciding to declutter your entire home is overwhelming.  Instead, start with the room that is most used.  Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or even just the pantry or kitchen island, tackle just that space.  Decide what you want to keep, donate, and throw away. Once you have accomplished that task, pick another.

2.  Put your things away as soon as you are done with them.  Instead of throwing your jacket on the chair when you get home, spend one minute hanging it up in the closet.  At the end of the day, put your clothes in the hamper or hang them up instead of piling them on a chair to be dealt with the next day.  You won’t feel overwhelmed at the end of the week when you are facing a stack of laundry on a chair or an entryway strewn with jackets and shoes.

3. Take Ten.  Take ten minutes every day to straighten up your living spaces.  Too tired to do it at night?  Then try it in the morning.  Pick up things that don’t belong in the room, make a bed, toss the dishes in the dishwasher, clear off the bathroom counter.  All these small things make a difference; when it’s time to scrub the bathroom or kitchen you won’t have to spend time just picking stuff up.  Get the whole family involved and assign each person a space.

4.  Get a basket.  Have a two story home with kids?  Things seem to mysteriously float from the upstairs to the main living level.  Get a decorative basket and set it by the stairs.  As you collect things that belong upstairs, toss it in the basket.  Then, carry it up all at once to be put away.

5.  Use it up.  If 2020 did nothing else, it made a lot of us hoarders.  Take stock of what you have in your pantry, and use up what you’ve got before you bring more into your home. 

6.  Get a new one, donate an old.  If you have just upgraded a phone, got a new coffee table, or changed up the pictures on your wall, donate your unused ones.  Instead of taking up space in a drawer or basement, help it find some new owners.

7.  Donation Box  If you are tackling small projects one at a time, you probably aren’t interested in making a ton of trips to your local donation center.  Instead set up a donation box in the garage, closet or, our favorite, your car.  When it’s full, then donate it.  Plus, if the box is already in your car, you can’t go with the “I forgot the box again!” excuse.

Thinking of getting your Locust Grove, VA home ready for sale in 2022? I can help you determine the projects that can get the most bang for your buck when selling your home. Call or text me at 540-360-5166 to discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them.


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Dec. 23, 2021

What to do with wrapping paper: 6 Easy Ways to Reuse or Repurpose It

In a couple days, I expect the living floors of many homes to be covered in a variety of brightly colored paper in various states of disrepair.  Upstairs, stashed in a closet, are a few rolls with just a little bit remaining attached to the paper tube because my wife suggests we keep it just in case there is a small last minute gift to wrap. 

6 Easy ways to repurpose or reuse wrapping paper by Realtor® Sean Jones finding homes in Locust Grove, VA

Rather than just tossing it in the trash (well, preferably the recycle bin) here are some ways to reuse this rather expensive paper.

1.  Packing Material:  Reuse all the crinkled paper to cushion delicate ornaments or other Christmas décor when you are packing it away for the season.  Use it when you are shipping items too.

2.  Art for the walls:  Remember covering picture frames with wrapping paper to give your home a festive flair?  (Well, ok, I didn’t do it but my grandma did.)  If you have an interesting paper, try putting it in a matted frame to add some holiday spirit to any room.

3.  Make confetti:  Run the paper through a paper shredder or cut it by hand to create confetti for a New Year’s Eve celebration or birthday.

4.  Make paper bows:  My artistic ability doesn’t stretch this far, but there are lots of tutorials on YouTube for how to turn the paper into colorful one of a kind bows.

5.  Donate it:  If you have extra rolls, check into donating them to senior centers, elementary schools, or other charity organizations.

6.  Just add cardstock:  Glue wrapping paper onto a sheet of cardstock and the possibilities are endless.  Kids can make bookmarks, cards, paper ornaments, or whatever there imagination comes up with.

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Dec. 20, 2021

Nine Simple Tricks for Keeping Your Home Warm

The temperature is dropping, but your heating bill is rising.  With winter upon us here in Locust Grove, VA, many people are looking for simple ways to help keep the heat in their homes without doing larger upgrades like new windows or heating systems.

Nine simple Tricks for Keeping Your home warm by Realtor® Sean Jones in Locust Grove, VA

1.   Add a programmable thermostat.  With a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature inside your home according to what is happening there.  Is everyone at work and school?  Turn it down a couple degrees.  The same goes for at night when everyone is asleep.

2.  Check your registers.  Look around your home at the registers where the warm air enters the room.  Make sure you don’t have a big piece of furniture blocking it.

3.  Insulate the garage door.  Garages typically are not heated or cooled spaces within a home.  However, sometimes there are rooms above the garage.  Investing in some insulation for your garage door  can help keep the garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

4.  Use the sun.  Open the blinds and curtains to let the sun do its magic and help heat the rooms that face it.

5.  Close the curtains.  Once it gets dark, close those curtains to help prevent heat loss from your rooms.  Consider upgrading to heavier curtains.

6.  Switch your fans.  Are you the type of person that must have on a fan in order to sleep?  If so, switch the fan’s rotation to help bring the warm air down.

7.  Check your dampers.  Is your upstairs hot and your main level freezing?  It’s time to check the dampers.  This one depends on your home and it’s heating system.  If you have a two story home, chances are you have dampers that help direct the flow of air to different levels of your home.  They are usually found near your furnace.  Since warm air rises, you want to force some of the air to the main living level and let mother nature bring the rest upstairs.  It can take a little experimenting to get it right, but this helps with balance the heat in your home.

8.  Replace your filters.  Dirty filters on your furnace or throughout your home make it harder to the air to get where it’s supposed to be.  Replace dirty ones with new ones.

9.  Get rid of door drafts  Cold air can seep through small openings around doors.  Replace or add weathering strips at the bottoms of doors.  Add draft door stoppers, they come in all shapes and sizes, to block the draft.

All of these little changes can add up when it comes to retaining heat within your home and improving your heating bill. If you happen to have a fireplace, don't forget to have it inspected to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Thinking of tackling some larger home improvement projects, but aren't sure of the value it will add to your home. Contact me, Sean Jones, at 540-360-5166 and we can discuss your home's value.

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